Vulnerability Management


The IT landscape today is changing and because of that, vulnerability management needs to change too. IT environments today are filled with both traditional and dynamic assets. Instead of, or in addition to, physical servers, organizations are embracing virtual and cloud assets, which can be deployed quickly as needed. These assets, as well as now ubiquitous mobile devices, come and go from networks in an instant. Traditional quarterly, monthly or even weekly scanning is no longer enough to provide the visibility needed. Organizations need modern solutions that offer multiple ways to identify vulnerabilities in today’s dynamic assets, that deliver clear recommendations on how to prioritize and address vulnerabilities, and are flexible to meet different organization’s diverse needs.

The™ Vulnerability Management application brings a fresh, modern approach to solve today’s toughest vulnerability management challenges. Using an advanced asset identification algorithm, Vulnerability Management provides the most accurate information about dynamic assets and vulnerabilities in ever-changing environments. Its streamlined interface, intuitive templates and guidance, and seamless integration help security teams maximize efficiency. When visibility and insight matter most, Vulnerability Management helps you focus on the right action every time.


Customer-friendly elastic asset licensing improves ROI: Vulnerability Management offers a first-to-market asset-based licensing model that consumes just a single license unit per asset, even if the asset has multiple IP addresses

Most comprehensive assessment options eliminates blind spots: Vulnerability Management comes with Nessus® Sensors, a mix of active scanners, agents and passive listening sensors, to help maximize scan coverage and reduce vulnerability blind spots

Asset-based vulnerability tracking improves accuracy: Vulnerability Management provides the ability to track assets and their vulnerabilities more accurately than any previous solution

Pre-built integrations leverage complementary solutions: Vulnerability Management comes with pre-built integrations with many complementary solutions, so you can quickly and easily enhance your vulnerability practice and secure your business