Endpoint Detection and Response

CarbonBlack Response: Highly scalable, real-time EDR with unfiltered visibility for top security operations centers and incident response teams

ATTACKERS ARE INNOVATING AT A TERRIFYING PACE. It’s impossible to know, and protect against, all bad behavior in advance. With 93% of breaches taking minutes or less to compromise the system, detection and response speed is paramount. Most Security Operations Centers (SOCs) do not have the comprehensive visibility necessary to quickly make informed decisions. Anything that provides filtered visibility is not enough. It results in blind spots that prevent root cause identification and stops IR from preventing future attacks. Other
endpoint detection and response products promise speed of search, but have visibility gaps, which means you’re searching incomplete data. Only Cb Response provides unfiltered visibility, fast analysis and a remote remediation toolset that enables fast, end-to-end
incident response. 

Cb Response is purpose-built for enterprise SOC and IR teams. Offering a streamlined UI that’s built for speed, unlimited historical data retention and unlimited scaling to fit even the largest enterprises, this industry-leading IR and threat hunting solution empowers the SOC with the following capabilities:


Fast, end-to-end response time - Real-time threat response & remediation, cutting average IR time to as short as 15 minutes

Unfiltered endpoint visibility - Records endpoint activity to speed IR & enable proactive threat hunting

Unlimited retention & scale - Scales to fit even the largest installations, and offers unlimited data retention to meet compliance and dwell time requirements

Accelerate investigations - Information you need is always available, never hit a blind spot

Conclusive understanding of the attack - See where the attacker went and what they did

Find threats missed by defenses - Reduce dwell time and damage done

Disrupt future attacks - Know root cause, then address gaps and blind spots

Reduce IT involvement - Eliminate unnecessary re-imaging and tickets

Optimized for on-premises deployments - Minimal infrastructure requirements – your data is your data

Use Cases

  • Breach preparation
  • Attack detection
  • Alert validation and triage
  • Incident response
  • Attack isolation
  • Threat hunting
  • Remediation
  • Threat banning
  • Prioritized patch management
  • Capture all threat activity with continuous recording.
  • Centralized storage means the data you need is always at your fingertips.
  • Visualize the attack kill chain so you find the root cause and see lateral movements to accelerate investigations.
  • Unlimited data retention for full historical review of any attack – no matter how long the dwell time. 
  • Radically reduces average IR time from 78 hours to as short a time as 15 minutes per incident.
  • Stops attacks in progress by isolating infected systems, terminating processes and banning hashes across an enterprise.
  • “Live Response” enables complete & remote remediation of infected systems.
  • Take any action, such as collecting advanced forensic data or running custom scripts, from any location.
  • Use knowledge of root cause to close gaps and prevent future attacks.
  • Stop the headline breach and detect advanced attacks faster. 
  • 53% of 2016 breaches did not use malware, making threat hunting critical.
  • Proactively discover the most advanced threats that make it past your defenses.
  • Leverage open APIs to integrate with the rest of your security stack for advanced attack correlation.

  • Requires minimal resources and infrastructure investment - vast majority of all enterprises can deploy in a single server cluster.
  • Turnkey integrations and open APIs ensure a seamless fit in even the most complex environments.