Advanced Endpoint Protection

 You need to arm your endpoints with next generation endpoint security.

The Carbon Black Security Platform is the first next-generation endpoint security solution to disrupt attacks, protect every endpoint and automate regulatory compliance controls. Only the Cb Security Platform delivers comprehensive prevention, threat hunting, detection and response capabilities that enable cross-functional IT and security teams to achieve an adaptive, centralized security lifecycle management strategy. With Carbon Black, you can align your cyber-security initiatives with the latest guidance and frameworks from the FFIEC, PCI and NIST, helping you ensure a secure and compliant operating environment. Carbon Black is #1 in endpoint protection, incident response and market share.

Watch Every Move, Counter Every Attack

The Carbon Black Security Platform delivers the most complete solution for the entire security response lifecycle, from full visibility to live response and attack recovery.

  • Automate data collection with continuous recording, centralization and retention of endpoint activity.
  • Own a master system of record that dynamically models the complete kill chain in seconds.
  • Map attacks across the enterprise to quickly scope the incident and easily determine root cause.
  • Isolate, terminate, remediate and ban endpoint threats from the same interface, in minutes.
  • Leverage the collective knowledge of 10,000 other defenders who use the product and feed the intelligence platform.

The Cb Security Platform is the only solution that enables security teams to create watchlists that alert on specific attacks, adversary behaviors and industry-related vulnerabilities, enabling them to sharpen their focus and reduce their organizations’ attack surface with each alert response and attack disrupted.

Unmask Your Enemy

The Carbon Black Security Platform delivers the most complete solution for the entire security response lifecycle, from full visibility to live response and attack recovery. Winning requires more than simply stopping an attack. It requires an understanding of what’s good and what’s bad, as well as your enemy’s tactics and motivation. The Carbon Black Security Platform delivers unmatched reputation ratings for known-good, known-bad and unproven software and domains. This gives IT and security teams actionable intelligence about the software installed—and network connections made—within their enterprise.With the Carbon Black Security Platform you can:

  • Use trust ratings to define endpoint threat prevention policies, build custom detection events and prioritize investigations.
  • Leverage attack context and attribution data to unmask the enemy and identify the threat actor group behind an attack.
  • Identify the type of attacker, country of origin, related attacks, and known tactics, techniques and procedures.

The Cb Security Platform goes beyond traditional IOC- based threat intelligence services by identifying an attacker’s unique patterns of attack to deliver the industry’s most powerful, correlated and accurate endpoint threat intelligence service.

Multiple Prevention Options

Most endpoint prevention solutions require organizations to adopt a “one size fits all” security strategy, leaving systems under-protected and users frustrated. With the Carbon Black Security Platform, you can find the proper balance between your organization’s culture and risk posture. Key capabilities include:

  • The world’s most effective and widely adopted application whitelisting capabilities
  • Prevention strategies based on threat detection and detonation processes
  • Advanced file integrity monitoring and control capabilities
  • PCI DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, SOX, NERC CIP, NIST 800-53, and other advanced compliance frameworks

The Cb Security Platform is the only solution that enables security, IT and compliance teams to choose a single solution that can be customized to fit their organization’s unique culture and the different needs of users, lines of business and endpoints. One size does not fit all.

Automate & Integrate

Change the economics of security operations. With open APIs and a broad ecosystem of technical alliances, the Carbon Black Security Platform’s endpoint threat attribution, reputation and prevalence data can be shared across a security infrastructure to enhance alerts generated by firewalls, antivirus, detonation, and exploit mitigation tools to multiply the value of existing security technology investments. Only the Cb Security Platform:

  • Centralizes critical endpoint information so security teams can analyze data in aggregate to build a complete picture of threats
  • Multiplies the value of popular SIEM technologies such as Splunk and IBM QRadar
  • Helps security teams streamline detection and attack analysis
  • Automates adaptive threat response and application and file approval processes
United Defense

Knowledge is power. Hit back with a united front. The Cb Security Platform is the trusted, #1 choice of top security professionals – preferred by 68% of incident response professionals. Join a community backed by 2,000+ customers, 70+ top incident response (IR) firms and managed security service providers (MSSP) and a strong network of tech alliance and integration partners. Only Carbon Black offers:

  • Collective expertise and experience feeding a powerful, unified threat intelligence platform
  • Knowledge and attack behavior sharing networks
  • Experienced and tested professional services organizations with 10+ years of experience supporting more than 2000+ customers
  • Dedicated customer success and technical account managers.