Gene AbramovPartner / Principal Consultant

Gene Abramov is a Co-founder and partner at Depth Security. He has over 20 years of information security experience that includes all aspects of network and application security. From security assessments to engineering and strategy, his deep understanding and ability to execute bridges the gap between offensive and defensive security. Over the past decade, Gene has worked closely with Depth Security’s clients to improve their security postures through assessment, strategic planning and expert execution of information security related initiatives.

Jake ReynoldsPartner / Principal Consultant

Jake Reynolds is a partner at Depth Security. Jake brings over 15 years of industry experience in various aspects of security. He currently leads the security assessment practice. Jake and team deliver expert web and mobile application security assessments, penetration testing and enterprise risk assessments for customers ranging in size from SMBs to Fortune 100s. Jake and his team have also been responsible for several vulnerability disclosures within enterprise and consumer software. In previous roles, Jake excelled in network engineering, VOIP and application development. Jake currently holds his CCIE and CISSP, as well as many other industry certifications.

Jason CowleyPartner / Principal Consultant

Jason Cowley is a co-founder and partner at Depth Security. Jason has over 20 years of IT/IS experience that is deeply rooted in enterprise infrastructure and engineering. He currently leads the security architecture and engineering team. His depth of knowledge and broad expertise enable Jason and team to design, implement and execute some of the most difficult projects in challenging environments successfully. Over the past decade, Jason has expertly designed and implemented thousands of solutions for Depth Security's clients. He is also a subject matter expert in network access control and Microsoft Active Directory.

  • Gene Abramov Gene Abramov
  • Jake Reynolds Jake Reynolds
  • Jason Cowley Jason Cowley
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Who We Are

Depth Security is an independent security consulting organization comprised of experienced and objective information security professionals.

Depth Security is a different type of information security company. We were founded by a small group of experienced information security engineers and are still run by the same team today. Our company culture is deeply anchored in experience, creativity and talent. Unlike many of our competitors we've spent decades in the trenches of IT security, not 50,000 feet up in the clouds.

We've been key players at some of the largest IT security organizations and led some of the best corporate information security teams for enterprise organizations. We not only designed next-level information security solutions, we built them and were responsible for them day to day in some of the most challenging environments. Most importantly, we've walked in our customer's shoes and we understand.

When you engage Depth Security as a trusted information security partner, you gain access to our full range of consulting services. We leverage our experience, knowledge and contacts to make you successful.

Core Values

  • Experienced

    When you engage with Depth Security, you will always be speaking with a top-tier information security professional that has the capacity and expertise to understand your challenges and provide solutions based on previous success.

  • Realistic

    We firmly believe that information security is not simply black or white; it’s an area filled with varying shades of gray and it’s the ability to understand and effectively interpret and communicate the gray areas that differentiates us from our competitors.

  • Customized

    We understand that every environment is unique with its own distinct challenges and objectives. Our approach is tailored to each and every client to best fit their needs.