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Fun With PSEXEC Scanner Metasploit Module

Posted on August 03, 2012Link 

So you have a meterpreter session on some Windows machine remotely or internally. One of the first things a lot of folks will do is escalate to SYSTEM (getsystem or post/windows/escalate/getsystem in meterpreter) and dump the server's password hashes (hashdump or post/windows/gather/hashdump). The logical thing to do next is to begin cracking the hashes...Continue reading 

Tool Review - Fierce by RSnake

Posted on September 27, 2011Link 

rce is a simple but very useful DNS reconnaissance tool written by Robert Hansen (RSnake) that I use on virtually every pentest, vuln assessment, or application security assessment I'm involved in. There's nothing fancy or super-technical about this tool; it's just useful and deserves some mention. It combines the functionality of a handful of recon tools into one. It's original...Continue reading 

Blind SQL Injection & BurpSuite - Like a Boss

Posted on April 22, 2011Link 

SQL injection used to be a lot easier a few years ago when it was less known, web application security was less mature, and errors were often exposed. It's very easy to use a variety of methods to cause errors to display database names, table names, column names, and even row values... when errors are enabled. These days, the SQL...Continue reading 

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