Reflective DLL Injection in C++

Posted by Brendan Ortiz on October 31, 2021


TL;DR Implant with our encrypted DLL -> allocates memory for the DLL -> put the decrypted DLL into that memory space -> find the offset of the exported ReflectiveLoader function in the DLL -> call the ReflectiveLoader function -> ReflectiveLoader searches backward for the start of the DLL in memory -> allocates a...Continue reading 

Selecting a Penetration Testing Provider – PART 2

Posted by Jake Reynolds on October 12, 2021

In last week’s blog, I started outlining some of the considerations when choosing a penetration testing provider, including a list of general questions you should ask during your early correspondence with a prospective provider. As mentioned in my previous post, procuring offensive security services is a relatively new undertaking for many companies, and the complexities can make...Continue reading 

Selecting a Penetration Testing Provider – PART 1

Posted by Jake Reynolds on October 05, 2021

Recently, I received a call from a long-time friend of mine with who I had never had the opportunity to work professionally. His company was launching a new online store, and after hearing his plans, we conducted an application penetration test to ensure it was secure for launch. This was the last person I thought I would have career intersectionality...Continue reading 

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