Polycom VVX-Series Business Media Phones Path Traversal Vulnerability

Posted by Jake Reynolds on December 11, 2015Link 

In June I spent a little time in the web administrative interface of a Polycom VVX600 IP phone running UC Software Version As I proxied the traffic through BurpSuite, I immediately noticed something interesting in the requests that the interface uses to display phone background images and ring tones to web users. The requests contained actual file names. Anyone involved...Continue reading 

Real-World Attack Scenario: From Blind, Timing-Based SQL Injection to Windows Domain Administrator

Posted by Jake Reynolds on November 06, 2014Link 

It's not uncommon for us to identify SQL injection (SQLi) vulnerabilities during network penetration tests or targeted web application security assessments although it sure seems to be getting less frequent. I hate using the term "SQLi Vulnerability" because SQLi is an attack, not a vulnerability. Whatevs though, the term is commonly used both ways in our industry. Modern development frameworks...Continue reading 

OS Command Injection in Infoblox NetMRI Products - CVE-2014-3418 + CVE-2014-3419

Posted by Nate Kettlewell on July 09, 2014Link 

While performing an internal security assessment for a client, I discovered an OS command injection vulnerability in an Infoblox NetMRI appliance. This was totally by accident, just going about our regular testing of web applications. I stumbled across the following page and used a proxy to submit values to the "Username" and "Password" fields of the application. Infoblox Login Page ...Continue reading 

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