Security Reviews

Our security reviews help our clients build better defenses against skilled adversaries

Password Audit

Our Password Audit service provides actionable advice on strengthening your password environment. We crack your users’ passwords on purpose-built hardware, analyze their strength, and provide you with a custom level of detail appropriate for your organization. 

Vulnerability Management Review

Our vulnerability management review is a deep dive into your vulnerability management system(s), people, and processes. We begin by analyzing your current vulnerability sources, process, and scope. We then analyze the vulnerabilities that exist today within your VM program, your VMS, and any other pertinent sources. We also evaluate how issues are prioritized, distributed, tracked, and verified through remediation and ultimately closed.  The goal of this engagement is to provide specific and actionable recommendations for the improvement of efficacy and efficiency of your vulnerability management program. 

Firewall Policy / Segmentation Review

Firewalls have traditionally been the very first security solution implemented within most organizations. Long before advanced security technologies were mainstream, most organizations had a firewall in place. As security solutions evolved, firewalls also evolved far beyond primary access control to include application control, IPS, web security, sandboxing, SSL intermediation, and more. In turn, properly configured and deployed Next-generation firewall solutions have become even more critical to any organization's security posture. Despite being so important, firewall policies and related network segmentation are often some of the most neglected areas within a security stack.  Our firewall policy/segmentation review helps organizations improve their security posture by analyzing the current firewall policy and providing specific recommendations for improvement.