Network Penetration Testing

If there is a way in, we’ll find it.

Simply understanding real-world information security threats and associated risks within the context of your organization has never been more difficult. Without an accurate understanding of exactly what your security posture looks like it's nearly impossible to know where to spend time and resources and in what order. We live in a world where the attackers are getting more sophisticated at a faster rate than the defenders are. The discovery of new vulnerabilities and ways to exploit them is an everyday occurrence. What was not vulnerable yesterday may be vulnerable today.

Our network penetration testing services provide the quickest path to ground when you are trying to understand the real-world risk posed to your infrastructure, applications and users. We use the same techniques and tools that attackers do in order to actually show you what is possible rather than theorizing about it.

Instead of guessing about impact and what "could" happen, we show you what can happen and provide play-by-play details of how and why exploitation occurred. We then provide prioritized tactical and strategic recommendations for how to address the issues discovered. We provide this data in an easily consumable format for multiple audiences including executives, managers and technical staff.

External Discovery

It is difficult to defend yourself without knowing your complete attack surface. But more than ever, security leadership and staff are placed in that exact position. Our Perimeter Discovery service gives you a solid view of your external-facing systems and data. Our experts go beyond simple DNS and IP enumeration to find what you don't know is out there.

External Network

Performed from the perspective of an internet-based attacker. We simulate real-world attacks on your organization by focusing on internet-exposed assets and users.

Internal Network

Executed from the inside of your organization's network. These engagements simulate an attack by an agent with internal access to your network such as a rogue employee or contractor.


Performed from the perspective of an attacker who is within wireless range. We evaluate the wireless network's security posture in the context of generally accepted network security "best practices."

Trusted Access

Performed from the perspective of an authorized entity with some level of access to your environment. Common scenarios include testing with the same level of access as partners and vendors connected to your organization's network through remote access technologies such as VPN, SSLVPN, Citrix, etc.


Penetration testing is most commonly performed annually, semi-annually or quarterly. These engagements offer a "point-in-time" perspective on the security of an organization.  Our continuous penetration testing begins with an initial annual penetration test as a starting point,followed by continuous, ongoing testing throughout the year. 

IoT (Internet of Things)

Our team has identified and responsibly disclosed many vulnerabilities within popular IoT devices. Let us discover and exploit software and hardware flaws within your devices and services before someone else does.

Why Choose Depth Security?

  • Remediation Verification (Re-test) Included
  • Post-Assessment Debriefing Presentation Included
  • Prioritized, Short and Long-Term Recommendations
  • Executive, Management and Technical Reports
  • Real-World Attack Scenarios
  • Step-by-Step Exploitation
  • Mature, Experience-Driven Methodology
  • Thousands of Assessments Performed

We manually validate and verify each and every issue we discover. We will not have your team wasting countless hours sifting through a large report that is only partially accurate.

We have performed thousands of penetration testing engagements for organizations over the past decade. Our constantly evolving methodology and experience-based approach provide results not commonly seen with other assessment firms.

All of our team members have a deep understanding of infrastructure as well as security. When we provide strategic or tactical recommendations, we do so while taking into account the organization and business we are working with. Most importantly we strive to provide maximum positive impact and value to our clients by helping them identify, quantify and mitigate risks.

Our severity rating methodology is based on the context under which the issue was discovered. For example, we don't rate anything "Critical" that we did not exploit. We also pay close attention to the circumstances for a given issue. Was the system available from the internet? How large is the attack surface? The audience? All of these contexts and many more affect how a severity level is applied to a discovered issue.