Enterprise Risk Assessment

Discover what your organization is doing well and what needs improvement.

Many of our security assessments are performed primarily in an effort to identify weaknesses, exploit them (under certain circumstances), and remediate those issues. Although security assessments can provide valuable insight into what an organization’s current security posture looks like and how to improve it, they only display part of the picture. We believe in order to truly improve the security posture of an organization you need to understand its information security posture and the information security program, constraints, and controls within the context of the business.


Our enterprise risk assessment is a comprehensive deep-dive into understanding the who, what, why, where and how of your information security posture and program. We identify what your organization’s security posture actually is today, the efficacy of various technical controls within your environment, and review processes. We compare these areas to best practices as well as our own expertise and provide a comprehensive document that can include penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, social engineering, security controls review and a strategic roadmap. For organizations ready to make great strides to improve their information security posture and program, our enterprise risk service assessment is the catalyst. Some components typically included in this type of engagement are:

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment

We simulate real-world attacks on your organization to test people, process and technology. Penetration testing and vulnerability assessment is typically conducted from external, internal and wireless perspectives and without credentials.

Security Controls Review

We evaluate various security controls within your environment in comparison to industry best practices and our own experience. Architecture, configuration and overall effectiveness is evaluated. We then provide recommendations on areas that can be improved in order to increase solution efficacy while in your environment.

Host Security Configuration Review

Properly secured and configured host system security is critical for every organization. From Windows servers and desktops to Linux/Unix systems, we provide valuable information on the current state of these system's configurations within your environment and how to improve them.

Microsoft Active Directory Review

Microsoft's Active Directory is the central authentication, access and management infrastructure for many organizations. However it is often neglected from a security standpoint. Our Microsoft AD review provides organizations with valuable information on how to improve their AD environment's security posture.

Strategic Security Roadmap

One of the most difficult areas to address within information security is how to strategically plan for the unknown. Our strategic security roadmap helps organizations anticipate and plan for the unknown. We provide a security roadmap of where to go and how to get there within the context of your business.

Why Choose Depth Security?

  • Customized for Every Organization
  • Strategy Built on Facts Rather Than Fear
  • Experience Driven Approach
  • Continual Guidance Built In
  • Specific Recommendations and Direction

We have performed thousands of engagements for organizations of all sizes over the past decade. Our constantly evolving comprehensive methodology and experience-based approach provide results not commonly seen in other firms.

All of our team members have a deep understanding of infrastructure as well as security. When we provide strategic or tactical recommendations, we do so while taking into account the organization and business we are working with. Most importantly we strive to provide maximum positive impact and value to our clients by helping them identify, quantify and mitigate risks.

We manually validate and verify each and every issue we discover. We will not have your team wasting countless hours sifting through a large report that is only partially accurate.