Enterprise Asset Discovery

Sleep better knowing all your assets are protected

Modern networks are composed of disparate, networks that no longer reside in one or two on-premise locations. Years of cloud migration has left perimeters more dynamic and incongruous than they have ever been. It is difficult to defend yourself without knowing your complete attack surface. Often security leadership and staff are placed in that exact position. Cloud services make it so easy for non-approved staff to launch new systems or services. Our Perimeter Discovery service gives you a clear view of your external-facing systems and data. 

Discovery is no longer just about domains and network blocks. As the pace of publicly available dumps from massive breaches increases, the risk that one of your employees may have reused their credentials is compounded. Company email addresses harvested from social media make phishing and login attacks orders of magnitude more successful. Much of our code is now interconnected and publicly hosted, leaving many opportunities for inadvertent disclosure of sensitive data.

Our experts take discovery beyond the traditional approach and look to identify data stored on servers you don't even control. We'll dig through code repositories, developer, and product forums, social media outlets, and even public data breaches to identify any IP leaked outside of your company. Did an admin accidentally leak internal routing tables while troubleshooting an error message in a public forum? Did a developer push config or properties files containing connection strings to a public code repository? Perhaps employee credentials were disclosed in the breach making current headlines.

Our mature discovery methodology pulls from many information sources, iteratively feeding the information gained from each into the others. Our deliverable provides a comprehensive catalog of your publicly exposed systems, services, email addresses, and potential credentials.