Defensive Controls Testing

The cybersecurity solutions landscape is full of hype.  We can help you find the truth. 

NAC (Network Access Control) Testing

Our network access control testing provides an offensive, objective perspective on your NAC implementation. We employ a wide array of NAC bypass methods to gain access to your local network. We then provide recommendations on how best to improve your NAC deployment.  We don't just tell you where the gaps are; we show you. 

Endpoint Protection/NGAV (Next-Generation AntiVirus) Testing

Our endpoint protection/NGAV testing provides an objective, fact-based analysis of various endpoint security solutions within your environment. We begin by testing common post-exploitation tools, techniques, and procedures against an organization’s endpoints and related security controls. We execute the same methods an adversary would after compromising an organization’s endpoint. Our testing provides a real-world perspective to the efficacy of security solutions implemented to detect and defend against similar attacks. In addition to detection, protection and response efficacy, we also make a note of how difficult each solution is to manage within the context of your environment.   After our testing, we will provide detailed analysis and recommendations. 

WAF (Web Application Firewall) Testing

All web application firewall solutions are not created equally. Our team of experts manually tests hundreds of web applications and web services/APIs every year. Many of these tests are executed through various WAF solutions.  Even with WAF protection in place, we still often discover critical severity issues. Our WAF testing service provides organizations with an objective, real-world perspective on the effectiveness of different WAF solution(s) within their environment.