Active Directory Security Assessment

Make sure Bob isn’t reading the CEO’s email

Active Directory is a continuously evolving management infrastructure that is deeply complex. Unintentional relationships within AD provide escalation paths for attackers to quickly and quietly take over the domain. Our experts have the offensive knowledge to pinpoint weaknesses an attacker might abuse and focus on what matters. We'll also go on a deep dive through your security and group policies ensuring your organization is following best practices and meeting industry standards and compliance. We provide AD auditing services to help untangle the web of relationships and evaluate the overall design effectiveness. We offer actionable results focused on eliminating privilege escalation paths and removing undesirable hierarchies like nested groups and inherited rights. Using our bleeding edge offensive knowledge, we can help close loopholes an advanced attacker may use.


Group policy can be beneficial to an organization and an attacker. Ensure you have followed best practices and are protected from attackers exploiting misconfigurations. 

An audit will supply you with reports meeting a wide range of industry standard. HIPAA, FISMA/NIST, PCI DSS, ISACA/ITAF  and more.

Our experts have built forest from the ground up and understand the nuances in configuring a domain. We'll show you the current state of users, groups, computers, permissions, and rights and compare those with an ideal baseline.

Critical for any organization is an understanding of who has direct access or elevated privileges to sensitive objects. Ensure access controls are correctly implemented and review user and group access permissions.